Understanding Valves

Thread Identification guide to common threads including BSP, JIC, ORFS, Metric, Flanges and much more from Apex Fluid energy. The essential split-flange suitable consists of four elements: a flanged head linked completely (generally speaking welded or brazed) to your tube, an -ring that fits into a groove machined into the end face of flange, and two mating clamp halves with appropriate bolts to get in touch the split-flange construction to a mating surface.

Because pipeline threads are tapered, duplicated construction and disassembly only aggravates the leakage problem by distorting threads, particularly when a forged fitting can be used in a cast-iron slot. To put in such big fixtures, system developers must provide the required room to give employees room enough to swing big wrenches.

Evolving greater pressure and much more demanding hydraulic systems expose the metal to steel flare fitting rendering it very difficult to obtain a permanent leak KP-LOK JIC Fittings free flared fitting joint. To speak to our techConnect engineer team straight, they may be reached at Parker Tube Fittings Division , 614.279.7070.

This means you must take time to find the right JIC and -Ring adapter fittings. Connect hydraulic hoses securely with your threaded adapters. This cone seat and flare allows for a total technical seal between the male and female fitting. Some confusion exists regarding the distinction between AN (Army-Navy) fixtures and JIC (Joint business Council) fittings.

Our seal keeps the low profile, versatility, and world-wide option of flared fixtures. The rubber-to-metal seal in -ring fittings cannot distort any metal parts and a concrete “feel” whenever connection is tight. JIC male may also seal against 37° flared tubing with JIC nut and sleeve. This means that while the products may look comparable, you must not make use of a commercial 37° flare fitting design as an immediate replacement.

According to the Wikipedia web page : JIC fittings are widely used in fuel distribution and fluid energy applications, especially where high pressure (up to 10,000 psi) is included.” The JIC fitting utilizes its flared sitting area to seal, rather than an -ring that could corrode or the old-tapered threads of NPTF fixtures.

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